Full-featured CSA software is here!

  • Comprehensive database to intuitively track your CSA members and inventory.
  • Integrated customer interface for members.
  • Flexible shopping cart options to set your business apart.
  • Pricing system tailored to the needs of Start-ups and Veterans alike.
  • Developed and supported by CSA owners who are invested in your success.

Got questions?

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email us at happycsasoftware@gmail.com

Happy Farmers
Happy Farmers
  • Online database accessible from any computer.
  • Member management system records and keeps track of all your member info, including pick-up spots, account info-compiles, and sales data for each distribution.
  • Output information into one simple harvest list, with printable member order sheets and labels for fast-share packaging.
  • Easily integrate additional optional shares, like a bread, cheese, or fruit share.
  • Offer credits, coupons or refunds.
  • Robust options for non-CSA customers, like restaurants.
  • Simplify home-delivery routing.
  • Weekly sales data and feedback on member preferences.
Happy Members
Happy Members
Through the integrated customer interface, members can...
  • Customize CSA boxes based on your available stock.
  • Rollover a certain value of produce from week to week.
  • Notify your CSA of any need for a temporary hold on service, such as a vacation.
  • Alter their pickup spot.
  • Choose to pre-pay or be billed later.
  • Opt for text and/or email delivery notifications and login reminders (texting requires an SMS service, roughly $50/yr for a $250 member CSA)
  • HappyCSA works seamlessly for customers that are looking for a traditional CSA experience. Members who do nothing online still get a “farmer’s choice” share as with a traditional CSA.
  • Pricing
    The HappyCSA easy-pricing promise

    Happy CSA does not charge a percentage of your sales.

    To get started, there is a one-time $290 setup fee. After that, subscriptions are billed monthly.

    $29/month- 1 to 50 members
    $39/month- 51 to 100 members
    $49/month- 101 to 200 members
    $69/month- 201 to 400 members
    $99/month- 401 to 800 members
    $199/month- 801 to 1600 members
    $349/month- 1601 plus members

    Please contact Sunshine at 858-805-1787 with inquiries or email us at happycsasoftware@gmail.com

    Happy CSA is awesome. It totally revolutionized my CSA. Life is simpler now and my members are happier than ever, they keep coming back

    Babe & Sage Farm