About Us


Happy CSA was founded by Steve Vortigern and David Rosa. Steve and Dave originally met in the trombone section of their high school band. Although their promising career as an internationally touring jazz trombone duo to be reckoned with was delayed after moving to different cities following high school, they eventually reunited.

In the meantime, Steve, who had a flair for choosing lucrative careers, decided to put his many trombone gigs on hold so he could try his hand at farming. With his wife Sunshine, he spent the next 10 years creating Round Right Farm, an organic farm following the CSA model. Looking for ways to give their CSA exactly what they wanted, they developed the first version of Happy CSA and have been slowly crafting it ever since, adding new features every year.

While Steve was playing in the dirt, Dave was off to Hollywood. In between cruising Sunset in his convertible, he logged 14 years in the interactive branch of the Entertainment Industry. His experience with major movie studios in the release of enhanced content for Mobile Apps and other media has acquainted him with the ins and outs of software management and support on a grand scale.